Mildura Rowing Club Inc.

Function Hire

You can book your desired date by sending an email request to the club, which will be confirmed by the Functions Manager. We can seat a maximum of 120 guests and have chairs and tables available at no extra cost.

Function costs at our club:

  • The club room hire fee is $1000, including a $100 cleaning fee.
  • Day function rate varies based on hours booked, the estimated cost for a half-day meeting is $300 Full Day $500.

The Club provides:

  • Chairs and tables
  • drop-down screen
  • projector
  •  wireless microphones
  • whiteboard
  • sound system with Bluetooth
  • and club internet

Drinks are available at bar prices, and EFTPOS is available.

Quick Guide to Functions costs

The club room Hire fee is $1000 which includes $100 cleaning fee, the date can be booked upon payment via email request to the club confirmed by the functions manager.

The rate for a day function varies according to how many hours you book the venue for, an approximate rate for a training session or 1/2 day meeting is $300.

The club provides a drop-down screen and projector, two wireless roaming mikes, a whiteboard, a sound system (Bluetooth connection to your device) and club internet.


If you have any further enquiries please contact the Function Manager at the number below, or leave a message.

Sam Lowe

Function Manager



Mildura Rowing Club Function Guidelines

Booking Deposit

A booking deposit of $500 may be required within 14 days of the tentative booking being made to confirm and exclusively secure a date to hire the Clubroom. Failure to pay the non-refundable booking deposit within 14 days of making the enquiry will automatically result in the lapse of the tentative booking.

$250 of this deposit is non-refundable and will be forfeited by the Client upon cancellation or postponement of a function less than 14 days prior to the function date. In the event that the function is cancelled within 7 days of the function date, the entire deposit of $500 will not be refunded.

Room Hire

Included in the room hire package is:
Use of our Function Room and amenities.
Use of our Public Address system with 2 cordless roving microphones is included as well as drop-down projector screen and internet access.

Bar Staff

The bar staff used by the Club have current Responsible Service of Alcohol accreditation and are current Mildura Rowing Club members. All functions must be staffed by at least 2 Club members. The Bar Manager will be solely responsible for determining the number of bar staff required to work any given function based on the expected number of function guests, with a minimum of 2 staff members and then an additional staff member as decided by the Bar Manager based on the number of people attending and the type of function.

Bar staff are not responsible for providing any food or catering service including waiting on guests.

Minimum Spend

Functions, where bar service is requested, will be subject to a minimum spend of $400 over the bar. In the event that $400 worth of drinks is not purchased or supplied over the bar during the function, the client will then be invoiced for the shortfall.


The function room has a small kitchen which is only big enough for plating up but not for cooking for a large function. Catering is to be done by one of Mildura's many caterers.

18th Birthday Parties

Mildura Rowing Club has a policy of not hiring the venue out for 18th birthday parties.
Should you continue with a booking and not disclose that you are holding an 18th birthday party, MRC reserves the right to cancel the event immediately and invoice you for $2,000 additional to any charges you may have already incurred.

Beverage Range and Price List

Please refer to the ‘Drinks List’ document.
For weddings, we are able to offer a ‘premium package’ for sparkling wine options. Please liaise with your function co-ordinator when booking to arrange this.

Conditions and Terms of Hire

Guest Behaviour

Mildura Rowing Club is primarily a rowing club and its priority is to ensure that the club is looked after for the enjoyment of its members and guests.

A proactive approach will be primarily applied by the Club’s staff to prevent any breach of the club’s guidelines. There will be an attempt to contact the Client to inform them of the situation as a courtesy, but the decision in respect to what final actions to take will be determined solely by the Club’s badged Responsible Person/s. This may result in any of the following actions being taken:

1. A verbal warning is issued to the offending person.
2. Refusal to continue the service of alcohol to the offending person.
3. Eviction of the offending person from the Club’s premises, using necessary force as permitted by law if required.
4. Refusal to continue the service of alcohol to all guests.
5. Complete shut-down of the function, and removal of all guests from the Club’s premises.
6. Calling the Police to remove offending persons who refuse to leave the Club’s premises after being directed to do so.
The Club’s bar staff, as representatives of the Club, have the right to evict any person(s), and/or shut down any function, at any stage during the function, regardless of the wishes of guests or the Client, if they feel that their personal safety, the Club’s liquor license, the Club’s property or other interests are at risk.

The Bar Manager may also request details prior to the function of any security measures that the Client intends to take to ensure the safety and protection of staff and guests, and may request further measures be taken if he or she is unsatisfied with the measures proposed by the Client.


For 21st functions and other functions deemed necessary by the Bar Manager, MRC may request that the client organise security to ensure the safety of guests at the club. This is to be organised and paid for by the client. Any damage or incident is at your cost. You may utilise any licensed service you wish but the security must be a licensed professional security guard. Please discuss with the Bar Manager your security requirements for your function.


Be aware that the state of the building will be agreed upon before the function, if not it is assumed there is no existing damage in the venue. Should any damage occur during the function, the repair of that damage will be at the expense of the hirer and the cost of repair will be taken from the bond. In the event the bond is not sufficient to cover the value of the damage then the hirer will be invoiced for the balance owing.


The Club bears no responsibility for any potential liability caused by third parties that are hired by the client, such as security guards, caterers, DJs etc. These third parties are expected to have their own personal and professional liability insurance policies in place.


Patrons are required to clear all rubbish from the venue after the function has finished. The cleaning fee charged to you covers the cleaning of the floors and the bathrooms. If there is rubbish left in the venue, this may constitute an extra rubbish removal charge which will be taken out of the bond.

Personal Property

The Club accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of any property brought into the venue by the Client, guests or other third parties. All personal property remains the responsibility of the Client or their guests.


The area for hire includes the main function room (upstairs) and the ablutions. Access may also be granted to the kitchen. The boat facility (downstairs), the bar and the gym equipment (upstairs) are strictly out of bounds at all times. The entire interior area of the Clubrooms and building are designated as non-smoking areas. There is also no smoking on the balcony. No alcohol is permitted to leave the licensed area.


Once the function has finished and/or the Club’s liquor license expires, guests have 15 minutes to finish drinks and then an additional 15 minutes to vacate the premises. Failure to comply will result in additional fee of $100.00 per half-hour (or part thereof). The liquor licence of the Club
expires at 12am, and no extensions can be granted to prolong the duration of a function beyond this time. Service of alcohol will cease immediately at this time.

Decorations & Room Set-Up

Decorations utilised by the Client must not damage the venue or its fixtures in any way. As such the Club has a policy of not permitting the use of staple guns, nails, glues or adhesives on paintwork. Damage as a result of the use of these items will be charged to the Client appropriately. The Client is responsible for setting up the room prior to the night and positioning tables, chairs, pedestals and other furniture.

Bar Service

The Club’s bar staff are current Club members, and the Bar Manager will ensure that all staff have obtained the necessary accreditation. All drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are to only be served by the Club’s bar staff. There is no BYO permitted. The Club has no responsibility for other staff sourced by the Client, such as DJs, caterers and waiting staff.

Guest Numbers

The Client will be required to provide an approximate number of guests at the time of booking confirmation. Within 7 days prior to the function, the Client must provide an accurate number of guests attending. Within 3 days of the event the Client is to provide a full guest list of the attendees including their full name and address.

Price Adjustments

Whilst the Mildura Rowing Club aims to ensure that the prices detailed in this package are as accurate as possible at the time of publication, the Club does reserve the right to alter our prices at any time without notice, in line with any price changes that may be imposed on the Club by its suppliers.

Deposits & Cancellations

The Club utilises the concept of booking deposits to discourage the practice of ‘dummy’ booking, and to offset the Club’s potential loss of revenue due to cancellations at late notice. The booking date is only secured after the payment of a deposit of $500.

Monies should be sent to the below account with the below mentioned reference. Account Name: Mildura Rowing Club

BSB: 063 000
Account No: 1004 65954
Reference: Your name - Payment
Surname/Company name

The Functions Manager will issue an invoice to the Client within 7 days of the date of the function. Full payment is required within 7 days of the date of issue on the invoice. Note that any deposit paid will be deducted from the total cost of the function, following the successful completion of the Function.

For all booking enquiries please contact Sam Lowe 0418823470 or email

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